World’s Coolest Reviews: Iceman #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Iceman #1



Bobby Drake is having a crisis of self in ICEMAN #1 from Marvel Comics.  Author Sina Grace is taking Iceman on a journey of self discovery beginning with a hard look at his younger self.  The time displaced Iceman appears to have it all together so why in the world is the older Bobby such a mess?  Since his inception the character of Iceman has had troubles at home with his blue collar family and that is exactly the first place this issues goes.  A heart attack prompts a quick reunion between Bobby and his parents only to have it interrupted by the Purifiers.  Even though he saves the day and the life of an innocent Bobby’s parents still shun him for being a mutant, but what will their reaction be to his newest secret?

Sina Grace has been given a difficult task.  The editorial decision to make Iceman gay has been talked about for years now with both sides weighing in and this is his first solo title that looks to delve deep into the chaos of his new self revelation.  The writing is solid and the story works especially using his parents as the eye of judgement.  Mutant has always meant different in Marvel comics and being gay is still viewed by some with an equally harsh eye.  X-men comics have always been about prejudice and equality so moving that into a more real world scenario fits with the established tone.  All that said the story itself did not grab me and the comic suffers from feeling like the character is having this new personality trait forced upon him.  Alessandro Vitti provides solid pencils with clean lines and some creative use of Iceman’s powers.  From start to finish the book flows well and there is obvious talent in the creative team but in the end is this a story fans truly care about?  If you are curious pick up ICEMAN #1 and decide for yourself.

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