World’s Coolest Reviews: Grrl Scouts #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Grrl Scouts #1



Image Comics is a label that still likes to take chances now and then on new and original comic book ideas and GRRL SCOUTS #1 is definitely one of those.  Creator Jim Mahfood is running a one man show by writing and drawing this fever dream of a comic.  Gwen, Daphne, and Rita are some hard core ass kicking weed dealing girls who are apparently much tougher than their small frames would lead you to believe.  The trio has recently reunited due to a pending threat.  It seems that Josie, Daphne’s cousin, is a recently released mental patient with a thirst for revenge.  The girls must put their differences aside if they hope to stay alive and one step ahead of Josie and her thousands of twitter followers.

I would describe this book as chaos in fast forward, it jumps off the first page and full speed crazy and never lets up.  Whether or not that appeals to you will be the deciding factor in how readers feel about this book in the end.  Everything is over the top from the outlandish behavior of the protagonists to the super stylized art.  GRRL SCOUTS #1 relishes in its girl power theme and I think it will appeal to that younger demographic.  The creativity and talent in the art is obviously there but I do not think this book is aimed at me as a reader, that said I did get a kick out of phone apps that magically generate guns out of thin air capable of mowing down an entire group of armed thugs.  If you are looking for something different and off the rails then check this issue out, its manic style will find an audience that can keep up with it.


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