World’s Coolest Reviews: God Complex #1

World's Coolest Reviews: God Complex #1



A noir detective story in a cyber tech future is realized this week in GOD COMPLEX #1 from Image Comics.  Veteran writer Paul Jenkins tells the tale of Seneca, a young detective working the streets of the futuristic city of Delphi.  He is brought into a case involving the death of three church acolytes whose murder appears to be ritualistic.  The church and the presence of god play a powerful role in this opening issue set in a world in which the religions of old and new have both been mixed with technology and an almost cyber punch aesthetic.  Seneca reports to a literal walking and talking god of the ruling class named Hermes, complete with all the visual flourishes one would expect from the messenger of the gods.  When the case is escalated Seneca is brought into a conspiracy that will turn his entire world upside down.

GOD COMPLEX #1 is wildly creative with a brilliant sense of design.  The ancient Greek gods are found throughout a variety of comics and used in so many different ways but this is the first time I have seen them depicted as an elite ruling class of cybernetically enhanced beings.  The writing is well done with sharp dialogue and a nice sense of mystery surrounds not only the murders but the world at large.  Credit for the world building goes to Hendry Prasetya for his amazing art.  The city and the characters all breathe this dark and somber tone that is only outdone by the amazingly beautiful design work of the Rulers.  So far we have only seen Hermes and Apollo but both are wonderfully creative and eye catching.  Special shot out to the covers as well, everything about this book is a visual treat for the eyes.  GOD COMPLEX #1 is a good start to a cyber-noir murder mystery with a dash of Greek gods thrown in for fun, if that sounds interesting to you definitely check it out.  We have a few copies left on the shelf down at World’s Coolest Comics so grab the premier issue while you can.

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