World’s Coolest Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers #1



The earliest days of the Rangers and their attempt to balance high school and super heroics are chronicles in GO GO POWER RANGERS #1 from BOOM Studios.  Author Ryan Parrott gets back to basics with the original Power Rangers as a group of fifteen year old high school students coming to grips with fighting monsters and piloting giant robots.  Having just finished their first battle against Goldar the young team must refocus on the smaller things like history tests, bullies, and first loves.  With the fate of the astronauts who accidentally awoke Rita Repulsa hanging in the balance the Power Rangers take on a mission to the moon, the heart of Rita’s power, in an attempt to save them.

I missed the boat on Power Rangers back in the day and never really bonded with the property but I will say this was a hell of an entertaining book.  Parrott took the ridiculous camp of the original series and replaced it with characters that are far more down to Earth and actually have real problems outside of a space witch trying to destroy their local hangout.  Everything from finding time to study for tests to trying to have a relationship is covered and allows each characters to actual be a person instead of a cliche.  When the action does heat up it is fast and furious.  Not only does Parrott deliver real personalities to the Rangers but to the villains as well.  Rita feels like an actual threat in this series and that elevated danger serves to further establish the fact that the Rangers are truly a super hero team and not an after school special.

Dan Mora on art offers a really nice mix of the original designs with updates aesthetics.  The pencil work is clean with an slight hint of anime influence but thankfully none of the over the top emotional bits.  The Rangers, the Zords, and the villains all retain their original designs but slightly toned down.  The result is a comic with super hero book style that refrains from going into the new movie’s territory of being overly busy.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this title given my complete lack of interest in the property.  GO GO POWER RANGERS looks like it will be a hit for fans and newcomers alike.

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