World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Thunder #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Thunder #1



Thunder gods old and new team up in GENERATIONS: THE THUNDER #1 from Marvel Comics.  Long time Thor scribe Jason Aaron sends Jane Foster hurtling back through time to join a much younger Thor who is attempting to be worthy enough of wielding the hammer himself.  Having been chastised by Odin for spending too much time in Midgard Thor departs to do exactly that as a horde of Viking warriors call out to him in prayer as their lay siege to Egypt.  Thor gets more of a fight than he bargained for as this is the point in history when Apocalypse is ruling Egypt.  Seemingly outmatched their salvation comes in the form of Jane Foster and her new Thor persona.  The two join forces and eventually smite the mutant overload but not before Jane can impart some wisdom to a younger Thor struggling with self doubt.

Jason Aaron elevates the Generation title by bringing in the key aspect of what makes one “worthy”.  The entirety of Aaron’s run on Thor has revolved around that one key issue.  All the way back to when God caused the son of Odin to question his resolve and now this one shot shows him as a younger god barely able to lift the hammer, on a quest to become exactly that which his older self has lost.  The action is fun and fast.  Seeing both Thor’s on the page kicking ass and reveling in combat is a joy and incorporating Apocalypse into the story was a fun twist I did not see coming.  There are also some nice hints at the upcoming Marvel Legacy title involving Odin and the Phoenix force.

The art by Mahmud A. Asrar is solid and does not disappoint.  The large scale of the battle is beautifully rendered and he has an interesting take on Loki that I hope we get to see again at some point.  GENERATIONS: THE THUNDER #1 is a treat for fans and is more closely integrated into the main plot threads of the Marvel universe than the titles that have come before it.  If you are a fan of Thor this is a must read and if you have an interest in the upcoming Legacy title you definitely should pick this book up.

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