World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Strongest #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Strongest #1



The first of the Generations books is out from Marvel Comics that will bridge old characters to new and its just OK.  GENERATIONS: THE STRONGEST #1 from Greg Pak and Matteo Buffagni forgoes setup in favor of cutting straight to the action, which is a smart move.  A small paragraph at the beginning of the title explains that this meeting takes place out of time thus freeing the narrative from having to explain how Amadeus Cho and Banner meet.  Instead it starts with a bang as The Totally Awesome Hulk comes across The Incredible Hulk fleeing from Thunderbolt Ross across the American Southwest.  In between fighting each other, fighting the army, and fighting an angry monster the two Hulks discuss the nature of the monster inside them and whether or not it is in control.

This title gives readers the first real look at what Marvel has planned and it is not exactly what I expected.  Instead of offering a path for old characters to return to their mantles it serves to impart characteristic and plot points of the old characters on to the new.  Amadeus Cho has celebrated his Hulk nature and the power it brings but this issue demonstrated that like Banner he is not in full control.  So, instead of getting Bruce Banner back as the Hulk I think we might be looking at Amadeus Cho remaining in the titular role while dealing with more internal conflict that he has in the past.  The art is solid and features a nice trip down memory lane for long time fans of The Hulk who have not seen him running from Ross in quite a few years.  I am of mix feelings on this issue because while I feel it was well done this was not the direction I assumed this event was going, I admit that I was looking forward to a return of Marvel’s core characters.  None the less I am open to the new series that will spin out of Legacy and would still recommend this issue as a fun one shot for all Marvel Fans.

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