World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Phoenix #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Phoenix #1



Young and old Jean Grey finally meet and get a chance to discuss the impact of cosmic fire birds, fate, and choice in GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX #1 from Marvel Comics.  After last weeks rather lackluster Generations title involving the Hulks I was worried about the movement in general but Cullen Bunn has completely turned that opinion around with the marvelous story crafted here.  Young Jean is fully aware of the Phoenix and how it destroyed the life of her older self.  When finally presented with the chance to meet the Phoenix she is in awe of her power and self confidence.  The older Jean Grey she meets is the one who is still under control of the Phoenix and sees it as a force for good, she is as yet unaware of the fate that will befall her.  Young Jean is faced with a choice that could alter the cosmic balance of the universe, should she warn her older self of her impending fate or allow the timeline to play out as it should?

This was a fantastic one shot that delved deep into Marvel lore and reminded readers just how much we all miss the older incarnation of Jean Grey.  Bunn writes her with such confidence and power that she just jumps off the page and seems larger than life.  Contrast that to her younger self who can look on in nothing but awe at the woman she will become.  GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX #1 also give readers a brief look into a pivotal moment in Marvel history.  As events proceed Mastermind can been seen lurking in the background of the entire issue, a presence that will eventually corrupt the Phoenix force and lead to the death of the X-men.

R.B. Silva delivers absolutely beautiful pencils especially when it comes to the sheer scale of this book.  From a small beach to a throw down with Galactus this issue really does go places and the pages are filled with detail and some stunning vistas.  The body language alone is enough to see the clear distinction between the two version of Jean, confidence and power versus fear and self doubt.  This is a really amazing issue that all X-men fans should pick up.  Not only is it a good look at the direction young Jean will be heading in but it is also a love letter to a character that is sorely missed in the modern Marvel world.

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