World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Iron #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Iron #1



Riri Williams takes a trip to the far flung future in GENERATIONS: THE IRON #1 from Marvel Comics.  Brian Michael Bendis, the lord of all things Iron Man, writes this one shot that both offers a glimpse of things to come as well as providing a unique opportunity for Riri and Tony Stark to finally interact in person.  As is the trend with these GENERATIONS one shots Riri finds herself suddenly displaced in time, in her case that displacement lands her in a future in which Tony Stark is alive and Sorcerer Supreme.  The two have a heartfelt discussion about inspiration and what it means to be a futurist while running into the Avengers, battling Morgan Le Fay, and getting a lecture from Franklin Richards about the dangers of time travel.  When she is returned to the present Riri arrives with a new found focus, one that could lead her in fantastic new directions.

The focus of the GENERATIONS one shots was a bit unclear when they were first announced but now it is plain to see that they represent a effort to focus some of there younger heroes and give them a new driving vision going forward with Marvel Legacy.  Riri Williams has been, for better or worse, one of the more controversial new characters in the Marvel universe having taken the place of the immensely popular Tony Stark.  This issue allows her to finally meet and interact with a Tony Stark that is more than just an AI.  The instantly endearing camaraderie between the two of them works great on the page and Bendis is in top form with his signature dialogue and fast moving quips.

A variety of artists contributed to the issue including Marco Rudy, Szymon Kudranski, and Nico Leon.   All three have a similar style and the changes in art did not negatively affect the issue but there was no real story reason to have different artists which leads me to believe this book was behind schedule and needed to be rushed out.  There is a pretty significant different in coloring from the first third of the book compared to the remainder and it does kinda stand out.  For readers of the current Iron man title starring Ironheart this is really a must read tie in.  The relationship between old Tony and Riri is really great and it lays the ground work for changes in the character moving forward.

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