World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Best #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Best #1



The strange time crossed adventures of heroes old and new continues this week with GENERATIONS: THE BEST #1 from Marvel Comics.  This time its up to author Tom Taylor to weave a tale of Laura going back in time to help Logan on a quest to save his adopted daughter from the hand.  Wasting no time on setup or un-necessary explanation the duo find themselves up against than Hand and with claws at the ready they tear through the undead ninjas until they find the true source of the kidnapping, Sabertooth.  With the villain dispatched and the young one safe the issue slows down for a quite moment between Wolverines new and old.  Logan knows there is something special about this mysterious warrior who shares far too much in common with himself for it to be random chance.  After a tearful goodbye Laura impresses on her father the need to take a moment and be there for those he loves before he runs out of time.

For a series that really stumbled out of the gates with the Hulk issue the Generations series from Marvel seems to have found its voice.  Laura and Logan were well known to each other before he died so this is not an issue that deals with meeting your former namesake but rather a heartfelt reunion between father and daughter.  The action is fast and it is always a blast to watch Wolverine, either of them, tear through a group of undead ninjas.  The story really hits home in the last few pages as Laura imparts on Logan a plea not push those closest to him away.  Throughout his past Logan has always felt that the best way to keep his loved ones safe is to push them away but Tom Taylor uses Laura as a voice of reason that forces him to rethink he stoic isolationism.  After 20 pages of bloodshed it is a tender moment that really makes me hope the real Logan will find his way back into the Marvel universe sooner than later.  Both characters are well written and the book moves along at a break neck pace, this was a really enjoyable read.

Art from Ramon Rosanas is very good while not extraordinary.  The panel work is rather conventional but the action is really well done.  In particular the scene wherein both Wolverines face off against Sabertooth is expertly drawn and feels absolutely brutal and frenetic.  GENERATIONS: THE BEST #1 is not required reading but it was a well told story that brings back a version of Wolverine that is extremely missed, especially in the floundering X-books.  If you want a nice does of nostalgia pick this one up, if not keep an eye out for Marvel: Legacy #1 and continue to follow the adventures of Old Man Logan and Laura in their own respective titles.

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