World’s Coolest Reviews: Generations The Archers #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Generations The Archers #1



Its Hawkeye and Hawkeye together again in GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS #1 from Marvel Comics.  Kelly Thompson has been tasked with penning a tale bringing the current Hawkeye Kate Bishop back in time for an adventure with the other Hawkeye Clint Barton back in his younger days.  The setup is familiar by now, a time displaced character from the current Marvel universe finds themselves in a predicament with their older name sake from the past.  In this case The Swordsman has captured the best marksmen in the world and set them loose on an island to hunt each other down in a game of sport.  What he did not count on was the fact that most of these guys were villains and don’t like to play by his rules.  As Kate stumbles upon a much younger Clint the two team up and form a quick bond of trust, determined to find a way past formidable villains such as Bullseye and Taskmaster.

As with the previous titles GENERATIONS: THE ARCHERS #1 is a completely stand alone story centered more around character introspection than the spectacle of the actual events taking place.  Kate meets a much younger Clint who is just as bold, brash, and womanizing as the one she left in the future.  Their banter is great.  He teases her about the holes in her costume while she remarks on the extremely outdated look his is sporting, including the over zealous use of pink and purple.  Thompson drives the story as one of discovery for Kate.  She has dealt with a lot of loss in her personal life lately and she acknowledges that her separation from Clint has been more of a loss that she was willing to admit.  In true Hawkeye fashion her parting emotion speech to Clint is lost as he was asleep the entire time, leaving a vanishing Kate to wonder why she puts up with him in the first place.

Art from Stefano Raffaele is sharp with clean lines though rather flat in places.  He does excel at character faces and that aspect of his art shines through in this book, everyone is very emotive and the relationship between Kate and Clint shines through their quips with one another.  As with the other GENERATIONS titles this is a fun read that is a treat for Marvel fans to see old and young versions of characters getting a chance to interact with one another.  If you enjoyed Matt Fractions HAWKEYE book or the current HAWKEYE title starring Kate Bishop do yourself a favor and drop a few bucks on this one shot and it will put a smile on your face as you read it.

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