World’s Coolest Reviews: Flash #22

World's Coolest Reviews: Flash #22


The conclusion of The Button is here with release of FLASH #22 from DC Comics and this is the issue people have been waiting for since Rebirth #1.  There is no real way to discuss this issue without spoiling it so you have been warned, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Penned by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter FLASH #22 continues with Batman and Barry pursuing Thawne across time and space.  Thawne is obsessed with the button and recklessly runs to its source despire Barry’s warnings of what will happen.  Cause and effect are completely upended in this story and that points directly to the quote from Dr. Manhattan when he is discussing that issue with Silk Spectre on Mars.  Effect trumps cause and Thawne is vaporized just as expected and we finally get the reveal of Dr. Manhattan in the DC universe.

This was a fully satisfying ending while still teasing a further reveal for the Doomsday Clock event coming in November.  Everything about the mystery behind the button was handled so well and you can tell when reading it that DC Comics has their best talent behind this mini crossover.  Using Flash and Thawne as a vehicle to play with time and space is always great and the stakes are always high.  Using the direct quote from Watchmen regarding predetermination was another amazing touch that really resonated with me as I read this, it just all fits together so perfectly and I had a huge smile on my face as I turned the page and saw that big beautiful blue hand reach down and pick up the blood stained button.  The art was also on point especially with the switch in style at the end of the issue.  Once again Geoff Johns, Tom King, and Joshua Williamson, and Howard Porter absolutely nail it with Watchmen style dialogue boxes and the familiar nine panel page formatting.  These 4 issues are must read material for any fan of DC Comics so get down to World’s Coolest Comics and pick it up, while you are there be sure to put in your order for Doomsday Clock from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank coming this fall.

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