World’s Coolest Reviews: Eternal Empire #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Eternal Empire #2



The Eternal Empress continues her brutal conquest of Saia in ETERNAL EMPIRE #2 released this week from Image Comics.  Creators Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna bring their story back to zero and start again from a difference perspective, that of the young man we met at the end of issue number one.  Another soul struggling in turmoil under the oppressive rule of the Empress this young man sees the same visions as our female lead and breaks out of his labor camp in a similar style all the while chasing these dreams of fire and flame.  When both stories sync up the two are shocked to see each other wielding the same power.  Confronted by soldiers of the empire the two fugitives harness their new found power into blades of fire and set out to right a lifetimes worth of wrongs.

I enjoy a comic a embraces world building on a scale such as this.  Maps on the inside cover with names and places suits me just fine and it lets the mind fill in all the gaps in the story via your own imagination.  Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have built a world that we have only scratched the surface of but it feels alive and deep.  The basic structure of this issue is almost too similar to issue #1 but it works in the sense that is shows the despair across the entire world.  Our two protagonists are very similar and when forced together by fate they seem to form a bond via their shared power and plight.  Now that the foundation has been laid for this series I am very interested to see what kind of journey the creators will take us on.

I am a huge fan of Jonathan Luna’s art.  With that said the portions of this book that take place at night are almost too dark to see.  It could just be me or possibly a bad print in the batch my issue came from but I was struggling to make out any kind of detail for the latter half of the issue and that was very frustrating.  However, do not let a few dark pages drive you away from this title.  Issue #1 should still be on store shelves so if you are not in on this comic yet go out and grab this latest issue as well as the first.  The creators have a proven track record of creative and deep science fiction stories and ETERNAL EMPIRE #2 continues that trend of success.

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