World’s Coolest Reviews: Eternal Empire #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Eternal Empire #1


Image Comics has brought Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna, the duo who brought readers the excellent comic Alex and Ada, back together for their new series and it kicks off this week with ETERNAL EMPIRE #1.  A new world with three suns is being overrun by barbarians.  A pack with a dragon is made to seek salvation.  Fast forward 200 years and that salvation has become a ruling empire crushing all who would stand in its way.  There is a lot of world building in this first issue and it is rather dense, to try to summarize it this review would not due it justice.  Suffice to say there is young woman who stands out from the meek and conquered Hamm people led on to a path of resistance and dissent via strange visions of a place she has never seen.  What will unfold should be an awesome and amazing ride given the stellar track record of the creators of this book.

Vaughn and Luna have a way of telling stories with characters that feel incredibly real.  Alex and Ada was a simple title on the surface but the plight of the two main characters had real impact on me over the 15 issue run.  I immediate got the same sense from Eternal Empire.  I have no idea who this young woman is or where this story is going but she is endearing from the start and the struggle she is in is instantly related to the reader.  What is this world?  What is the effect of its 3 suns on the planet? How did these two races come to be?  Why is there a dragon trying to get down with a naked lady?  I have no idea but I cannot wait to find out.  Jonathan Luna’s art is just flat out break taking.  His style has remained consistent over the years and is almost minimalist yet convey’s large amounts of emotion and detail in the world.  Every panel is packed with little things that let the art tell as much of the story as possible.  I encourage all readers to give this book a shot.  Cliffhangers at the end of every issue and a well told emotional story with real to life characters is almost a guarantee at this point.  Anyone interested should also check out The Sword and Girls from the Image Comics.


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