World’s Coolest Reviews: Elsewhere #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Elsewhere #2



Amelia Earhart finds herself in extra dimensional hot water in ELSEWHERE #2 from Image Comics.  Author Jay Faerber picks up with our intrepid adventurer learning more about exactly where, and when, she is.  Out of place and out of time Amelia is brought before the tyrant Lord Kragen only to learn that she is some kind of foretold threat to his dominion and this will be put to death.  When all seems lost she is freed by an guard secretly working for the rebels and escapes the prison along with fellow lost soul D.B. Cooper.  Safe in the rebel camp Amelia and D.B. find they share a common goal with these aliens, to be re-united with their friends and family held captive by Kragen.

As a fan of aviation history I instantly fell in love with the idea of a comic book about the long lost Amelia Earhart and what might have happened to her.  To my surprise this book has turned out to be much more than that.  Jay Faerber has brought in other famous disappearance that have grabbed headlines over time and woven it all together into a beautifully drawn comic set on another world out of space and time.  I would not be surprised if Jimmy Hoffa shows up in the next issue!  Not only is the premise captivating but it is written very well.  Amelia is strong, confident, and rational in a situation that would force most people to question their own sanity.  She is a protagonist the reader instantly roots for and a good driving force for the book moving forward.

Pencils from Sumeyye Kesgin are truly something special.  I said it in my review of the first issue but the way she captures the likeness of Amelia Earhart is so impressive it needs to be said again and again.  More than that the entire issue signs with clean lines and a real mastery of kinetic movement.  There are a sequence of panels during the escape that involve plunging through water that are masterfully done.  The character designs for the natives on this planet do not really stand out as overly original but that lack of design is made up for by the imaginative world building going on in the background of every image.  This is a truly unique story that is blending science fiction and recent American mythology and it can really go anywhere at this point.  If you have any interest at all in the mystery surrounding Earhart of just want to read a fun story about an adventurer lost in a strange land please be sure to check out ELSEWHERE.  We still have copies of issue number one on the shelf here at World’s Coolest Comics so if you are intrigued by this review get down to the store and pick them up before the first printing is sold out.

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