World’s Coolest Reviews: Elsewhere #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Elsewhere #1



The fate of Amelia Earhart is finally told in ELSEWHERE #1 from Image Comics.  Author Jay Faerber sets out to give a fantastical answer to a mystery that is over eighty years old.  Set on the strange alien world of Korvath the story pics up when two rebels fleeing from an oppressive overload stumble across Amelia after she has just bailed out of her plane.  Lost and confused she has no idea who when or where she is, much less how she is speaking with and understand two alien creatures.  Never to be one to give up in the face of danger she embarks on a quest with her new companions to find and free her navigator Fred Noonan and somehow find a way home.  However upon her capture and imprisonment she learns that she might not be the only lost soul stranded in this strange land.

I have been anticipating reading this title since I first saw it advertised in Previews and it did not disappoint.  The story of what exactly did happen to Amelia Earhart is one of those that gets kicked around every few years when someone thinks they have found a new clue as to her disappearance, even just recently a new photo has surfaced with purports to show her and Fred Noonan in the hands of the Japanese having been captured as spies.  Now Jay Faerber has taken it one step further and landed her in what appears to be a completely different time and place, one in which other people who have disappeared across time have found themselves.  He writes and instantly charming Amelia who is confident and driven even when everything she knows has been taken away from her.  The fish out of water story works well as she learns the rules of this new world and the cliffhanger at the end hints at a much larger story at play than just her disappearance.  I am not sure where the story will go but I am definitely hooked and will be picking up issue #2 for sure.

Sumeyye Kesgin is an artist I was unfamiliar with before this title but her talent speaks for itself.  She was given free reign to come up with an entire alien world out of her imagination and it looks stunning.  Strange creatures and floating mountains dot the skyline while aliens clamor over Amelia’s old Lockheed L10, it makes for quite the contrast in visual style.  Amelia herself is drawn with a slightly exaggerated cartoon style that allows great emotion in her face while still being incredible accurate to historical photos of the famous pilot.  This is a fun book that mixes fantasy and history and if you get to the last page and don’t recognize the other lost figure that shares her cell, like I did, don’t worry… a quick google search will answer your question.

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