World’s Coolest Reviews: Dollface #8

World's Coolest Reviews: Dollface #8



Victory has a heavy price for Lila in DOLLFACE #8 from Action Lab Comics.  The creative team of Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton have pushed Lila to her limits as she battles the grotesque Orla, a witch from her past life.  With Paige dead and her girlfriend Emily pulled from harms way Lila can unleash her full arsenal without the risk of hurting her new friends.  When it is clear that Orla cannot be hurt from the outside Lila and get ghost buddy Ivan come up with an ingenious, while be it, disgusting plan to hit the monster from the inside.  As Ivan is literally ingested he strikes from within, finally dropping the over sized threat.  With the battle won all that remains is revenge.  Lila offers the final blow to Emily as recompense for the death of Paige one only to find that modern society holds a far greater weight to love and loss.  Lila might be modern in many conventions but there is a still a large part of her that is stuck in the past and does not understand our world.

While DOLLFACE has always been a fun book that is full of action and jokes while being easy on the eyes this issue closed with some real emotion.  A few issues back when Orla first showed up and literally ATE Paige’s head I was shocked but then thought there must be a way to reverse that.  That no way would a light book from Action Labs knock off such an important character so quickly.  Now that the story has wrapped up it seems that death is permanent and the emotional impact of the loss hit very hard as this story arc ends.  It is a welcome layer of depth that adds just enough gravitas to make the reader that much more interested in Lila as a young girl out of time rather than a killing machine with cool guns in her arms.  The narrative has taken a turn I did not see coming and I hope it tracks for a while to see how Lila fares without her friends to guide her in this strange new world.

Mendoza’s art is spectacular as always.  If you have been reading DOLLFACE or ZOMBIE TRAMP you already now how talented he is so I won’t gush over it too much but I really do love the pulp pin up style.  The action is fantastic and completely over the top in the best way possible and the facial expressions of his characters always crack me up.  DOLLFACE #8 looks to the close of the second story arc and leaves are heroine to an unknown future and I cannot wait to see where it leads.  If you are interested in this book please pick it up along with ZOMBIE TRAMP, VAMPBLADE, and the upcoming DANGER DOLL SQUAD that will bring all three characters together.  They are all great pop corn reads high on action, pretty girls, and stunning art.  They are the perfect pallet cleanser after a nice and depressing Image book wherein your favorite character just died!

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