World’s Coolest Reviews: Dollface #7

World's Coolest Reviews: Dollface #7



Lila faces off against an evil witch from her past in DOLLFACE #7 from Action Lab Entertainment.  Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton crank the action to 11 in this issue that features Lila in full witch hunter mode as well as a look into her dark past.  Paige’s gruesome death at the end of issue #6 leads directly into this confrontation.  With Ivan and Emily teleported out of the battle Lila unleashes her full fury on the beastly witch Orla, a cannibal with a taste for small children who terrorized the country side before Lila’s father tracked her down.  Now the menace has found her way to the beaches of Southern California and its up to Lila to take her out, though that task might prove to be harder than she anticipated.

The Danger Zone imprint from Action Labs Entertainment continues to produce quality popcorn books with fantastic art that are always a blast to read.  DOLLFACE #7 is no exception as Dan Mendoza’s script leans into its self aware camp with reckless abandon and glee.  Lila is a one women wrecking crew calling out her attacks as if she were the main star in an over the top anime and I love it.  As if that were not enough he even snuck a Princess Bride reference in the mix.  While the action is the main start of this issue it also features a nice trip into the past as we learn more about where Lila came from and what horros befell her and her father.  The group of witches responsible for their deaths is teased and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of them in the future.

The pencils from Marco Maccagni are really something special and I feel like this was his issue to shine.  Lila is punching heads off evil faeries, tossing anchors around, and pulling laser beams out of her arms in a highly stylized frenetic frenzy that runs the entire issue.  Clad in red and black tones the whole thing feels like a action scene out of a block buster movie and it translates perfectly to the page.  DOLLFACE is a fun read, its as simple as that and its very easy to recommend to all comic book fans.  Unplug your brain just a bit and dive in to some over the top action.

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