World’s Coolest Reviews: Dollface #6

World's Coolest Reviews: Dollface #6



The second story arc staring the cutest possessed doll since Chucky kicks off this week with DOLLFACE #6 from Action Labs Entertainment.  Dan Mendoza nad Bryan Seaton collaborate on this kickstarter founded project that brings a young medieval which hunter named Lila into a modern synthetic body.  Lila and her new friends Em and Paige are on their way to the beach for some well earned rest and relaxation with the handy perverted ghost Ivan in tow.  Hijinks ensue as this time displaced warrior gets a full dose of southern California beach culture.  Past all the hippies, drug addicts, and muscle men lurks a darkness staking the group.  While Lila is distracted from the attack Sister Elva returns for vengeance.  She is not pleased about the loss of her clinic and food supply and poor Paige is caught in her grasp.

Dan Mendoza is at it again with another fun script accompanied by more of his fantastic stylized art.  Dollface is a girl out of time and this issues uses that to great comedic effect.  All the cliches of southern California beaches are in full effect and to see them animated in this style with its over the top nature is pretty funny.  Lila herself still borders between doe eyed wonder at the new world around her and a tinge of sadness at what she left behind.  All that disappears when her friends are threatened and the fighter comes out.  Mendoza’s art really shines when Lila cut loose.  Its cartoonish over blown action at its finest with crazy colors all over the page.  This issue goes from light hearted fun to a action packed fight to straight up tragedy in just four short pages all the while moving along at a brisk pace with tight dialogue and beautiful art.  DOLLFACE #6 is a thoroughly entertaining read and a great point for new readers to jump on as it is the start of a new arc.  You can find plenty of copies of Dollface, Zombie Tramp, and Vampblade at World’s Coolest Comics along with a plethora of variant covers so be sure to check out this fun little corner of Action Labs the next time you are in the store.

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