World’s Coolest Reviews: Divinity #0

World's Coolest Reviews: Divinity #0



Come and experience a beautifully drawn trip throughout the entirety of the Valint Comics universe in DIVINITY #0.  Valiant lead scribe Matt Kindt takes readers on this tour through the eyes of Abram, one of three Russian cosmonauts to return to Earth with god like powers.  Through his narration the reader is brought up on current events including the Stalinverse alternate reality and subsequent return to normal.  Divinity checks in on the Red Brigade, the sole remnants of the Stalinverse and what they are up to in the new world.  We also get a glimpse of Ninjak, Bloodshot, and even a trip to the distant world of Gorin to catch up with X-O Manowar.  After an eventful day he returns to the quite peace of his home with Myshka and received news that will turn his world around far more than any alternate reality.

This issue does everything a zero issue should do.  It is a perfect way for new readers to learn about the state of the universe and who exactly Divinity is.  Critiquing the writing or plot is hard because there really is none.  It consists of mostly narration and small vignettes of character interaction.  What I can say is that it flows incredibly well and covers a large amount of history and characters without feeling like you are reading a textbook.  The art from Renato Guedes is phenomenal and paints the Valiant universe beautifully.  His painterly style is nothing short of amazing from cover to cover and offers a great look at the host of characters that make Valiant one of the more interesting publishers in the market today.  I think this is a must buy and one that I hope new readers invest in as a way to get a glimpse into the amazing universe Valiant has built up over the years.   There characters are vast and diverse with power sets and conflicts ranging from the smallest scale in Secret Weapons to the largest right here with Divinity.  Do yourself a favor and drop the $3.99 on this title and you will have a whole new world to explore.

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