World’s Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #3



The epic stakes are set for the heroes in DARK NIGHTS METAL #3 from DC Comics.  Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are crafting one of the best story lines I have ever seen come out of DC Comics and I honestly think that any and all super hero comic book fans should be along for the ride.  In seven short days the Dark Nights have subdued the heroes of the world and claimed their cities for themselves.  The evil bat god Barbatos reigns over Gotham as giant towers feed off the energy of the people.  Even Superman is no match for the dark power that fuels each of these twisted versions of Bruce Wayne.  There is only one hope, the strange metals that seem to be the only weakness for those from the dark multiverse.  Whether it is the Nth metal in Dr. Fates helmet or the promethium in Deathstrokes armor these sources must be sought out and brought to bare if the world has any hope of survival.

Dark Nights is pure METAL!!  From a Super Sons guitar riff opening to the new look of heroes clad in plate armor the entire series so far has been nothing spot of epic.  The stakes are incredibly high, the villains are all unique and interesting, and the fate of the world hangs yet again on Batman’s shoulders.  Scott Snyder has really out done himself in the story department this time.  Pulling from years of DC lore he has taken the idea of strange metals and woven it into this new masterpiece.  Issue #3 kicks off the heroes journey by setting up multiple tasks for separate groups to accomplish.  From deep beneath the sea to the most distant stars and even to the dark universe itself they must journey to find that which can combat this new evil.  The writing is great, the pulls from the DC lore are mind bending, and the glee with which Snyder plays on the heavy metal kick ass nature of the book is pure joy.

As if all that praise were not enough in steps Greg Capullo with what might be the work of his career.  From splash pages of chaotic action to a quite moment of family amidst the carnage his pencils are in top form and beautiful to look at.  The Dark Nights are all beautifully designed with an entire story woven into their look and he seems to enjoy finally being able to draw the huge cast of the DC Universe.  DARK NIGHTS METAL #3 is a must read if there ever was one.  Any fan of DC Comic needs to be subscribed to not only this book but the one shot villain tie ins as well.  If you have been missing out please let us know and we can get second printings of issues #1 and #2 ordered for you as well as make sure you don’t miss any going forward.  This is THE event of the year!!

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