World’s Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #2



The dark multiverse invades in DARK NIGHTS METAL #2 from DC Comics.  Scott Snyder is two issues into a Batman centered event that brings together story threads from the last 10 years and it is awesome.  After meeting Dreams and being warned about the impending danger from Barbatos Batman has taken drastic steps to prevent the demon’s entrance to our world.  Having captured the baby Darkseid Bruce intends to use the Omega Sanction once again to fall backwards in time and stop Barbatos before he can attach himself to the Wayne legacy.  But it is all in vain.  The Court of Owls and the Strigydae have been plotting for too long and when the doorway is finally opened nobody in our universe is ready for what comes through.

There is not a single page of this comic that is not dripping with epic art or content.  From the opening chase that features an all star cast of the DC Universe to the closing splash page that reveals the Dark Batmen, DARK NIGHTS METAL #2 fires on all cylinders from start to finish.  As a reader that has not missed a single issue of Batman since Grant Morrison took over the title this issue was a real pleasure to read due to the fact that it incorporates all the best parts of that run as well as Snyder’s own.  Not only the inclusion of Barbatos but also the incorporation of the various dark metals into Batman’s body.  Those events never really stood out on their own but when brought together it all feels like a gigantic puzzle and we are just now finally seeing the entire picture.  The pace of the comic is breakneck and never lets up, constantly driving readers forward to a last few pages that will leave fans talking for weeks in anticipation of the next issue.

As for art, Greg Capullo has been a fixture of Batman comic since his epic run on The New52 and it is so nice to see him drawing Batman again.  The cast he is given is immense and he knocks it out of the park with every character, especially Swamp Thing.  The character designs for the Dark Batmen is great and his interpretation of Barbatos is truly terrifying.  DARK NIGHTS METAL is THE book of the fall and so far it is surpassing all the hype.  It is an ode to the last decade of Batman stories and absolutely cannot be missed so make sure you pick up your copy and subscribe for the remainder of the series.  If you are looking for awesome variant covers World’s Coolest Comics has them all so get down here quickly before they sell out!