World’s Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Metal #1



The highly anticipated event from super star creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is here and I am glad to say that DARK NIGHTS METAL #1 from DC Comics is a great start to what looks to be an epic comic series.  After a spirited battle on War World the Justice League returns to Earth to find a giant mountain sitting right where Gotham City should be.  Upon further investigation it appears this was actually a teleportation malfunction from a group of explorer that left long ago to investigate the Dark Multiverse.  A fearsome mirror image of our own composed of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Dark Creatures that one should not speak of.  A Kendra Saunders, head of the Blackhawks and eternal companion of Carter Hall, explains all of this to the league the facts slowly circle all the way back to Barbatos and the mystery of the metal.  That Batman himself will be the one to open the door and allow evil into our multiverse.  With Carter Halls journal in hand Batman closes in on the true answers behind it all only to be confronted by an old Vertigo character newly reintroduced to the DC world.

This is one of those books you need to read twice just to make sure you caught it all, good thing is that it is extremely well written and dense with hints and call backs that will make your re-read worth while.  Scott Snyder has woven a complicated Batman tale since he first started at the beginning of New52 and it all seems to be coming to fruition in DARK NIGHTS METAL.  Barbatos and the legacy of the Wayne family goes even further back to Grant Morrison’s seminal run.  Pulling in old plot threads and weaving them together into a new story that feels fresh to the reader is a really amazing talent for a writer to display.  This is Geoff Johns level story crafting that takes the established legacy of the DC Universe and uses it to come up with a new and wild adventure.  Everything about this book from the crazy transformers style combining robot intro to the stunning reveal on the last page is sheer genius.

It will come as no surprise that Greg Capullo’s art shines from cover to cover.  His art has defined the look of Batman over the last 5 years and his pencil work continues to get better with time.  Fantastic renderings of the League and stunning vistas and landscapes make this entire issue a treat for the eyes.  DARK NIGHTS METAL #1 is everything readers were hoping it would be.  It marks the beginning of a major event that will be a roller coaster we will all be on for the next few months.  Make sure you get down to World’s Coolest Comics to pick up issue #1 before it sells out and don’t miss all of the amazing variant covers that you have to choose from.

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