World’s Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Batman the Dawn Breaker #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Dark Nights Batman the Dawn Breaker #1



The will power of Bruce Wayne proves to mighty for the Green Lantern Corp in DARK NIGHTS: BATMAN THE DAWN BREAKER #1 from DC Comics.  Author Sam Humphries has taken the core conceit of the Green Lantern mythos and completely turned it on its head.  When his parents are murdered young Bruce Wayne stares down death with no fear and thus garners the attention of the green Power Ring looking for a host.  However, his ability to over come great fear is trumped by his will power to seek vengeance.  Bruce corrupts the ring via an act of sheer will and bypasses the long standing rule that the ring cannot be used to take life.  Bruce now controls the darkness trapped inside the ring, a force that proves more power than the entire combines might of the Green Lantern Corp.  As his world dies Bruce heeds the call of Barbatos and travels to our world to steal its light and its hope, to leave it in the darkened void just like himself.

These Dark Night one shots continue to impress with outstanding art and wild creativity.  We have seen Batman with a power ring before but Sam Humphries pushes it that one extra step to show what a Bruce Wayne consumed by grief can accomplish.  The idea is nothing short of brilliant and really show that DC Comics editorial staff and writers are pulling out all the stops to make METAL one of the most touted comic book events of all time.  Yet again these one shots take a fundamental truth about the DC universe and then come up with an idea that seems so simple on its surface that it makes the reader wonder why it was never thought of before.  If the Green Lantern ring is based on will power, then what would happen if someone like Batman who is sheer will incarnate attempted to over ride the rings safety protocols?  The answer is apparently access to the darkness and the void allowing for constructs that cannot be matched by any other ring.

Ethan Van Sciver delivers amazing pencils in this issue.  The long time Green Lantern artist gets back to what he does best with beautiful rendering of creatures born of nightmare that act as extensions of The Dawn Breakers will.  From the vision of a young Bruce Wayne in a traditional Green Lantern costume to the older man who has become The Dawn Breaker the design elements in this book are great and beautiful to look at.  DC Comics is three for three with DARK NIGHTS: BATMAN THE DAWN BREAKER #1 and I have a feeling that trend will continue.  If you are reading Metal but have not picked up these issues please let us know and we will order them for your right away and make sure you are signed up for future releases.

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