World’s Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #4



The book of the week without a doubt is CROSSWIND #4 from Image Comics.  Gail Simone has tapped into something so satisfying with these two characters and their mix matched lives.  It has been fun and shenanigans up until this point but now the mind swap between Juniper and Cason is starting to affect their real lives.  Juniper is in deep as she navigates the icy waters of forbidden romance and gangster retaliation.  The respect and power she finds is addicting but her missteps could cost her and Cason’s girlfriend their lives.  Meanwhile Cason’s antics have resulted in one very pissed off husband and alienation of the local soccer moms.

All that plot is just the tip of the iceberg of awesomeness that is CROSSWIND.  While Juniper’s trials in the life of a hit man are charming there is nothing better on the comic book shelf right now than reading Cason’s side of the story playing housewife in modern suburbia.  His attitude and bravado is infectious and makes me as a reader root for him to turn Juniper’s life around for the better.  He has an odd acceptance of his fate as evidenced by his voluntary make over all in an attempt to play his role better.  The pages wherein the two finally talk on the phone about their predicament are script perfection.  The back and forth is both dramatic and charmingly comedic at the same time.

What rounds out this comic to be a perfect package is the stunning art from Cat Staggs.  CROSSWIND is not an action title by any means and thus the loose pencils with almost painted colors really works well to bring out emotion and facial expressions.  The way the characters are animated, the leaning on the walls, the forehead in the palm of the hand… all the small human gestured as so well drawn it is really a sight to behold.  I love this book and I think everyone should check it out.  If you read this and are interested but have not jumped on yet we can get you issue #1 and #2 half off and make a special order for #3 and #4 since we are currently sold out.

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