World’s Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #3



Living someone else’s life turns out to be rather fun in CROSSWIND #3 from Image Comics.  Author Gail Simone seems to be reveling in this tale of two individuals who could not be more different living each others lives.  Neglected house wife June Blue is living out one of her crime novels in the body of Cason Bennett, enforcer in the New York mob while he is taking charge of her life and laying down some new rules for her husband and the neighborhood bullies.  Things are escalating on both sides as the novelty of a new life is being weighed against the reality of the decisions being made.

Watching these two characters experience each others worlds is so much fun to read.  The highlight for me has to be the portion in which Cason is turning the world of June upside down with his confidence and bravado.  It is pure joy to see him taking charge over her overbearing husband and teaching the neighborhood bullies a lesson.  Reading this part of they story is almost like living vicariously though someone else’s life, watching them do everything you ever wanted to do to to all the crappy people you deal with on a daily basis.  It is empowering to read and watching Cason, as June, smash the local shit talker in the face with a frying pan might have stolen the moment of the week away from Captain America’s return.  On the flip side June, as Cason, is learning her own lesson about respect.  She has always felt small and been talked down to but now she is in the body of a man who commands respect from all those around him and she is relishing her new found empowerment.

The art from Cat Staggs is done in a very good loose pencil style with coloring that makes it appear almost painted.  My only criticism would be that it is rather dark with a heavy reliance on black that can make some scenes hard to follow, especially those with characters that look the same.  Picking out individual characters, especially a bunch of males in black suits, can be difficult.  CROSSWIND is so much better than the idea initially seemed.  My first reaction was that it would be a Freaky Friday spin but it is so much more than that.  It is funny and clever with a lot to say about the way people are treated and preconceived notions of established roles in the family and in society at large.

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