World’s Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #2



I never new how much I need a mob hitman in a house wife’s body until I read CROSSWIND #2 from Image Comics.  I get the distinct feeling that Gail Simone is having a blast writing this series and it shows though the charm and wit of the script.  Cason Bennett and June Blue both receive a strange call from a Mr. Vox shortly after their body swap.  They are informed that they must see their new roles through or they will be bound to them forever.  What ensues in magically fun writing as June uses her house cleaning skills to clean up a mob hit and Cason dives head first into the role of home maker.

When I read the first issue of CROSSWIND I dismissed it as a Freaky Friday clone but it is SO much more than that.  The greatness of the second issue is completely depended upon the slow build up in the first.  The original characters needed to be established in their worlds in order for the switch to be meaningful.  Gail Simone seems to revel in the part of the story with Cason in June’s body.  The formally meek housewife is now full of confidence and she is not going to take shit from anyone.  I love it.  The way she handles her obnoxious step child and looser husband is fantastic and I cannot get enough.  Meanwhile June gets a chance to shine like never before as she calmly disposes of a body and cleans up a murder scene.  Its almost as if she has found her true calling.

The artwork from Cat Staggs further sells the change in characters.  Subtle gestures and mannerisms allow the reader to see the body swap as well as the dialogue sells it via words.  Beautiful art with fantastically emotive faces round out this brilliant comic book.  Gail Simone has yet another winner on her hands accompanied with outstanding visuals.  Anyone reading this review who is interested make sure you grab issues #1 and #2 together from World’s Coolest Comics so you can get in on the ground floor for one of the most entertaining reads of the year.

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