World’s Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Crosswind #1



Gail Simone and Cat Staggs have come together to deliverer the best Freaky Friday story I have ever read in CROSSWINDS #1 from Image Comics.  Cason Ray Bennett is a tough as nails enforcer for the mob, Juniper Elanore Blue is a young woman in a bad marriage who does not see her own worth.  These two lead completely different lives on opposite sides of the country so you can image the surprise when their consciousness is switched.  Now a stone cold killer is stuck in a woman’s body in a grocery store while a meek suburban wife in standing over a murder scene.

All body swapping jokes aside I feel that Gail Simone has really crafted and interesting narrative here.  While the broad premise is a story that has been seen before the characters involved make this version very interesting.  The back story for Cason is rather straight forward but I could not get enough of the Juniper character.  There is so much going on with her and the relationships in her life.  She is attractive yet lacks self confidence, she is a step mother to a teenage boy that does not have any interest in a relationship with her, and she is married to a man who does not respect her.  How she will handle the life of a killer is an intriguing story but what really has me interested is what will happen in her world with the soul of a killer in her body.

Cat Staggs’ artwork in this title is absolutely breathtaking.  I know that is high praise but it is earned with beautiful pencils from cover to cover.  Most of the traits I mentioned for Juniper can be seen in her appearance.  Her clothes, her slumped shoulders, her vacant eyes… they all tell a story that words cannot and all of that is due to the art from Staggs.  This is my first encounter with her work but I hope we will be seeing more of her in the future.  CROSSWINDS #1 is a really solid first issue that hold more potential than its broad plot would indicate.  I initially rolled my eyes at the body swap but the more I think about it the more interested I am in seeing what happens in issue number two.  Go check this book out, its fantastic!

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