World’s Coolest Reviews: Cassian & K-2SO #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Cassian & K-2SO #1



Learn the origin of the best character to come out of Rogue One in STAR WARS: CASSIAN & K-2SO #1 out this week from Marvel Comics.  Written by long time comic book author Duane Swierczynski this one shot issue allows fans to see how Cassian and Kay-Two met as well as the source of the droids infamous predilection to speak whatever is on his mind.  Cassian and two rebel spies are on a mission to steal Imperial security protocols when the situation goes south and well laid out plans give way to rapid improvisation.  In the midst of a fire fight Cassian begins to edit the programming of an Imperial security droid named K-2SO.  It is in the middle of this mad attempt at a distraction that the group realized the droid itself has all the information they need.  A few more clipped wires and a full memory wipe later sees Kay-Two and Cassian escaping the planet and beginning a friendship that we all know will have a tragic end.

The issue itself was a solid story but felt like one that did not need to be told.  The two spies that accompany Cassian are inconsequential at best and do not serve to propel the plot forward.  The actual interaction between Kay-Too and Cassian is really well written but it all seems to happen so fast.  It is as if the idea to show their first meeting was the extend of the story pitch and the rest of the script was thrown together to get them to that point.  The droid is over written down to his core which causes he strange personality and quippy nature, that part of the story I really did enjoy because even though he was short lived K-2SO was an instant hit with Star Wars fans.  The problem is that it all happens so fast and it does not feel earned.

Fernando Blanco does a fine job on art though there is not much in this issue that really stands out, it is the very definition of adequate.  I am a huge Star Wars fan and was looking forward to this title hoping for one shot success like the C-3PO story from last year but sadly this issue was lacking heart and felt rather unnecessary in the end.  Fans of K-2SO will still enjoy to see another tale centered on the sassy droid but I fail to see an audience beyond that.

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