World’s Coolest Reviews: Cable #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Cable #1



Marvel Comics is bringing back everyone’s favorite time traveling mutant from an alternate future with the comic book CABLE #1. Veteran comic book author, James Robinson, has taken up writing duties for this fan favorite character. The premise is as simple as it is elegant. There is a villain traveling through time trading future technology for favors from the locals. It is Cable’s responsibility to stop it. Sometimes simple stories work best and that seems to the be the case here. From the old west to feudal Japan, Nathan Summers tracks a mysterious figure that remains one step ahead at every turn. Despite his over abundance of pouches and extremely large guns, Cable is still prone to underestimating his foes, and his nonchalant attitude results in some slight dismemberment at the hands of a few ronin warriors.

Cable is a man of few words and big action, and that is exactly what James Robinson delivers in this first entry of a new ongoing series. Cable has always been the Marvel bad ass who shows up out of nowhere with cryptic messages of doomsday futures and words of warning. Robinson takes that concept and runs with it delivering the Cable comic fans have been looking for. No need to tie him down with a team or strand him without his powers or weapons, this is pure time jumping Nathan Summers on a mission and nobody will get in his way. The characterization is spot on as is the art from Carlos Pacheco. The 90’s look is back and I love it. Shoulder pads, bandoliers, big guns, and more pockets than any sane person needs. CABLE #1 is straightforward fun with a simple story and great art. Any fans of the character should definitely check out this new series as it feels like it was plucked from time and delivers a Cable story that focuses on his strength as a character.

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