World’s Coolest Reviews: Beautiful Canvas #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Beautiful Canvas #2



Black Mask Studios track record of amazingly strange and awesome creator owned titles continues this week with the release of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES #2.  Ryan K. Lindsay picks up the cliffhanger of a powerful yet confusing first issue and absolutely hits it out of the park with a second issue that establishes solid character motivations while world building at the same time.  Lon has returned home with Alex after witnessing his genetically enhanced powers.  As her girlfriend attempts to sift through his shattered mind they are being stalked by the powerful business woman Milla Albuquerque as well as fellow enhanced Eric Robinson.  After a brutal siege the three parties are witness to the last of expected outcomes.

BEAUTIFUL CANVAS is amazing.  Ryan K. Lindsay is quietly creating a masterpiece of a comic and I will continue to sing its praises and recommend it to anyone who will listen.  The characters are all extremely real in their motivations and reactions.  From the evil corporate villain to the assassin with a heart the entire cast shines from cover to cover.  The slow reveal of how this world works is expertly done as well.  Without an info dump or unnecessary narration the realities of this work and how DNA is being used to creature unique individuals is slowly revealed to the reader in such a way that this is one of those books that you can instantly re-read after you finish it and catching things you missed just 15 minutes earlier.  The plot is intriguing and dense and I am totally hooked.

Now we come to the art and Sami Kivela does not disappoint.  Not only that but the art is flat out incredible.  Every panel is oozing with detail and subtlety.  The final page mirrors the first in a great way depicting the fall of Alex both literally and metaphorically.  The action scenes are fluid and dynamic and the emotional range on the characters faces is beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL CANVAS is the type of book I want to get everyone I know to try because I think it is so good and deserves to be read and get more exposure.  The art and story combine to bring something really special to the page so don’t miss out on your chance to get in on the ground floor of this series.  World’s Coolest Comics still has copies of issues #1 and #2 on the shelf so grab them while you still can.

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