World’s Coolest Reviews: Beautiful Canvas #1

World's Coolest Reviews:  Beautiful Canvas #1



Black Mask Studios have released a fantastic acid trip of a comic book and called it BEAUTIFUL CANVAS #1.  Ryan K. Lindsay script is a treatise on modern comics ad non-linear storytelling.  Lon Eisley is a hit women with a conscious sent to capture young Alex Ellroy, a young man of remarkable power.  Milla is the billionaire with artistic taste that are extremely macabre in nature.  Her orders are to bring back Alex and murder the rest of his family.  When things go off the rails and Lon cannot bring herself to turn in the child things go from bad to worse.  Now there is a team of mutant thugs after the two of them and a viscous social elitist who is not used to things not going her way.  Where this crazy story goes in anyone’s guess but if the first issue is any indication is seems like it is going to be one long strange trip.

Here we are yet again with another amazing indie comic from Black Mask Studios.  Ryan K. Lindsay has penned a script with a simple and straightforward story and wrapped up in a blanket of crazy and then cut and edited the timeline to keep the reader guessing from cover to cover.  This is definitely one of those books you should read once and then immediately start over.  On the second pass take the knowledge you learned from the first and really explore what is going on in each panel, trust me it is worth your time.  Milla is exceptionally creepy and makes a great antagonist right from the first time we see her.  Lon is a killer with a heart whose split second decisions are not only going to drastically change her life but that of her lover as well.  All of these threads individually are interesting to follow and when there are compiled into a script as tight as this one it makes for a fantastic read.

As solid as the writing is the art might be the real star of this new series.  Sami Kivela pencils a beautiful book full of raw emotion and extremely detailed background.  Special mention needs to be made to the expert use of panels to not just show the imagery but to tell the story as well.  A non-linear script can be very hard to follow but Kivela’s art lets it play out in a way that makes it easy.  I also have to give a shot out to colorist Triona Farrell.  The colors in this issue really pop and the shifts in tone and hue add to the emotion of feel of each individual scene.  This review is coming a bit late since this issue was released last Wednesday so if you are reading it now and are interested give a call to World’s Coolest Comics and we will try to hold an issue for you or put you down for a second printing.  If you have enjoyed some of the previous offering from Black Mask Studios then you definitely need to give BEAUTIFUL CANVAS #1 a shot, it is really something special.


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