World’s Coolest Reviews: Batman #22

World's Coolest Reviews: Batman #22



The Button continues with part 3 in BATMAN #22 from DC Comics.  Penned by Tom King with story credits from Joshua Williamson this issue picks up right where we left off with Bruce Wayne and The Flash in the Batcave of Thomas Wayne.  There is a beautifully drawn and amazingly succinct recap of the Flashpoint event to bring any readers who were not familiar with it up to speed.  That universe should have disappeared but someone has kept it alive, but not for much longer.  A narrow escape via the cosmic treadmill allows Batman and Flash to leave just before that universe collapses.  It is becoming more and more evident that someone is behind the reality altering events surrounding the mysterious button and that Batman and The Flash are getting closer to finding out who that is.

BATMAN #22 is another chance for long time DC Comics fans to revel in the depths of its alternate realities.  Flashpoint might have been a divisive event for some but no matter which side you fall on it was a fun read with wild interpretations of characters we know and love.  Tom King brings us back, albeit briefly, to that world and allows for a very emotion and heartfelt interaction between Bruce Wayne and his father.  This moment combined with some awesome dual Batman ass kicking action made for one hell of a fun comic to read and culminates in a wonderful send off for the Flashpoint universe.  The carrot is still being dangled in front of readers who are all no doubt waiting for the big reveal but it has to be coming soon and hopefully we will get our first look in next week’s issue of The Flash.

The art from Jason Fabok is excellent throughout and it is complimented by great colors from Brad Anderson.  This is a series that every single fan of DC Comics should be picking up.  It is a great way to retcon the New52 universe and it is being handled so well, I am beyond impressed.



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