World’s Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #4

World's Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #4



The slow build of the first three issues gets released in a torrent or action and emotion in BABYTEETH #4 from Aftershock Comics.  Author Donny Cates has introduced readers to the world of Sadie, her young boy Clark, her father, and her sister over the first three issues of this book.  Sadie is in way over her head, a young sixteen year old girl with a baby is enough of a challenge but this child is also the anti-christ and as you can imagine it makes the situation that much more volatile.  While her sister is off trying to track down the wayward father of the young boy Sadie’s big secret is discovered by her own father.  He cannot reconcile the story he hears, that the child can only survive off the blood of his direct parents.  The arguments reaches a fever pitch just as an assassin burst in the door.  The baby has been discovered by other forces and Sadie’s problems are only about to get worse.

I have been really enjoying BABYTEETH since the beginning but this issue completely floored me.  I went out of my way not to spoil too much in my description so hold on to your seat while you read it.  Donny Cates is brilliant in this title in the way he has slowly built the tension.  Each issue has introduced a new element that adds another layer of burden on Sadie and her baby and in BABYTEETH #4 all those elements come crashing down with a thunder.  The character building in this comic is second to none.  Sadie is broken in many ways and barely hanging on to the reality of her new life, her sister is the rock in the equation that just cannot catch a break, and her father is completely blindsided by the truth of the situation to such an extent that he cannot even accept what he sees with his own eyes.  The pacing is great with the issue building slow and then once things start going Cates never lets off the gas.

The pencil work from Garry Brown is simply beautiful.  The amount of emotion and character development that is generated from Sadie’s facial expressions alone should be enough to sell any reader on this title.  The panel wherein her father tells her that he thinks she is lying or delusional is heartbreaking, both for the reader and the character.   BABYTEETH is a fantastic read and more people need to be paying attention to this book.  Donny Cates will be taking over Dr. Strange and Thanos soon so if you want a preview of some new Marvel talent take a moment to read the first four issues of this series, I think you will be beyond impressed.

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