World’s Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #3

World's Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #3



It turns out that feeding the Antichrist is not as easy as one would think in BABYTEETH #3 from Aftershock Comics.  Author Donny Cates continues to kill it with a very real look at an incredibly tragic event.  Having realized her new baby requires blood instead of milk Sadie goes to the only person she can for help, her sister Heather.  Heather is bad news, slightly broken and always looking for an outlet for her anger but she is there for her sister when she needs her most.  The two come up with a plan to share the burden of giving blood to the child but a horrific episode clues them in to the fact that only the blood of his parents will satiate baby Clark.  This leads to the revelation of his father, a useless bully of a boy hiding from his responsibilities.  When Heather goes to straighten him out in her own special way she finds that fate has has caught up to him first.

BABYTEETH is doing something special by taking a concept like the Antichrist and the end of the world and distilling its down to the one family it would most directly affect, the family of the mother who bore him.  Donny Cates has tapped into the emotional side of this story is a way that really resonates with me as a reader.  Sadie is fragile and unsure, Heather is violent yet protective, and baby Clark just is who he is with no overt wickedness.  Underneath the horror underpinnings this is a story about family and hardship and I think that really comes through.  On the other hand things are heating up as a temper tantrum from Clark inadvertently opened a portal to hell and a cute little demon slipped through.  As if that were not enough the young family also has the first of many assassins on their tale.  If Clark really is the son of the devil then it is no surprise that there are agents in the world who would seek to end his reign before it can begin.

Gary Brown’s pencils are fantastic through and through but there is something uniquely special about the way he drawns Sadie and Clark.  Sadie’s face is so emotive you could read her story without a word of dialogue.  She oozes this sadness and regret while still being endlessly devoted to her child.  As for Clark, he might just be the most adorable world ender I have ever seen.  For one who will being so much malice he is still just an innocent child unaware of his fate.  BABYTEETH #3 was a really entertaining read about a small family that I continue to care more and more about as the story moves along.  If you are into horror books or comics with a smaller scale please check this title out and give it a shot, I think you will be impressed.  There are still copies of issue #1 and #2 on the shelf down at World’s Coolest Comics so scoop them up before they are out of print.

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