World’s Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #2

World's Coolest Reviews: Babyteeth #2



A young mom soon learns that it is hard to keep the birth of the anti Christ a secret in BABYTEETH #2 from Aftershock Comics.  Being a young teenage mom is hard enough but Writer Donny Cates takes it one step further with the revelation that the young child is indeed the anti Christ and that there are clandestine groups that would seek to snuff out his life before he ever has a chance to live it.  Issue #2 is all about expanding the scope of what was teased in issue #1.  With the baby born and the secret out we get a look into the dark forces at work that will seek to either usher in or defend against the end of the world.  While assassins are being recruited the young mother is facing her own inner demons.  The fear of shame for being a teenage mom coupled with the terror of not being prepared for how to care for a child result in a less than idyllic start to motherhood.  As if things were not bad enough a horrific turn of events results in young Clark’s other worldly origins becoming all the more clear to see.

BABYTEETH is appropriately sad and disheartening.  The pregnancy and the birth of a child to a sixteen year old was not glossed over of glorified.  Instead Cates gives it the weight it deserves.  Older sister and Father chipping in to help out and give some good advice along with a young Mom who is completely lost and living in fear of ‘doing it wrong’.  There is a point wherein she reaches a peace with her surrounding and she is allowed that moment for all of five seconds before the next dose of harsh truth hits her.  This poor girl cannot catch a break and the massive cliffhanger at the end of issue #2 is sure to bring back any and all readers for issue #3.  While the writing for the family is incredibly down to Earth and warm in spirit the scenes involving the secret organization of baby killers and assassins are dialed up to eleven.  The over the top nature of the villains is entertaining and I am curious to see where these two worlds will meet.

Garry Brown pencils are really something else.  His style is slightly loose with just enough detail in the faces of his characters to bring out some raw emotion or the overly furled brow of a bad guy plotting bad things.  I think the art is strong over all with the only caveat being a lack of background detail to allow for a sense of place.  Granted at this point most of the story is being told in a few small room so this might change as the story expands but for now it felt a little bit claustrophobic.  BABYTEETH #2 is a great follow up issue to a strong start.  Cates and Brown have something good going here and I am definitely along for the ride.  If you have not checked it out yet there are still some copies left of issues #1 and #2 on the shelves at World’s Coolest Comics.

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