World’s Coolest Reviews: Avengers #672

World's Coolest Reviews: Avengers #672



World’s Collide kicks Legacy off with a bang in AVENGERS #672 from Marvel Comics.  Veteran author Mark Waid wastes no time in elevating the stakes for the Avengers in his first arc under the new Marvel Legacy banner.  The High Evolutionary is a classic Marvel villain who rules a genetically modified Earth like planet that is supposed to exists directly opposite our own on the other side of our orbit.  World’s Collide begins with the notion that not everyone is buying into this fact due to the lack of physical evidence.  That is all thrown out of the window when an asteroid instantly materializes right where the rumored planet should be and begins its rapid descent to Earth.  The Avengers and the Champions must unite to slow its fall but in doing so it becomes clear that something is not quite right.  While the extinction level event might have been avoided heroes young and old are slowing learning that the asteroid was just the tip of the spear.

The themes of Legacy are persistent throughout the book in a really good way.  The mixing of heroes old and new, the return of a classic villain, and even in the interpersonal relationships between generations.  Vision and Viv steal the spotlight in a display of over protective parenting versus youthful exuberance.  Beyond the overall push of the Marvel Legacy relaunch is an incredibly solid Avengers story with world ending stakes and an awesome use of super powered team ups.  At its core this is what the Avengers are all about and it really is the best way to get back to basics and tell a good super hero story people will enjoy reading.  Pencils from Jesus Saiz are some of the best work I have ever seen from him.  The scope and scale is brilliant from the chaotic halting of an asteroid in free fall to the quite moments where the split between The Vision and his daughter can be sensed without the use of dialogue.  AVENGERS #672 is an incredibly good start for Marvel Legacy and a great spot for new readers to jump on board.  This is the best Avengers issue since the completion of Jonathan Hickman’s incredible run.

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