World’s Coolest Reviews: Angelic #1

World's Coolest Reviews: Angelic #1



It is a world after the fall of man populated by the altered animals we left behind in ANGELIC #1 from Image Comics.  Author Simon Spurrier focuses his tale on Qora, a young winged monkey of a group that has been genetically gifted with higher intelligence and speech.  But this group is not alone, from their small corner of the world they are in constant quarrel with technology enhanced Dolphins and land predators that share the same signs of species modification.  Qora is different.  She has no interest in dogma or the restricted lifestyle her clan seeks to live.  She wants to explore the world and see what is out there.  It is this drive to look beyond the horizon that inevitably lands her in trouble and face to face with a being she has been told is the enemy.

ANGELIC #1 is bursting with imagination and world building.  Si Spurrier has a gigantic playground to explore in this world he has created and it is off to a great start.  Qora and the Monks are a captivating group that is rigidly stuck in their ways, so much so that the very question of “Why?” is met with punishment.  The world beyond is a complete mystery to them but only Qora seems interested in asking questions.  The rest of the animal kingdom leaves Spurrier countless avenues of storytelling and playing on the readers assumptions of what happened to mankind.  Even in this first issue the reader is subverted until the final splash reveal that leaves an incredible hook of a cliffhanger.  Qora herself is endearing and adorable and watching her stumble through a unique world of science fiction gone wrong will be a treat for us all.

The art from Caspar Wijngaard is fantastic.  His style is not overly complicated but his characters are loaded with emotion and substance.  The way he animates the faces of the Monks, especially Qora herself, is really something special.  You can see the hurt and anguish in her eyes at the thought of falling in line with the captive society in which she was raised.  Even the creatures without anthropomorphic features seem to have a lot of character, sometimes just in their eyes.  ANGELIC is full of potential and heart and I am really looking forward to seeing where the story takes us.  This might not be the book for everyone but if you want a comic with a sense of wonder and a creator with the vision to capture his imagination on the page I think you should check out issue #1 and see if it grabs you.

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