World’s Coolest Reviews: All New Wolverine #25

World's Coolest Reviews: All New Wolverine #25



Marvel Legacy is in full effect and ALL NEW WOLVERINE #25 is a perfect example of how to do it right.  Tom Taylor has been writing one of the most consistently enjoyable comics that Marvel has published over the last few years since the death of Logan.  Laura has filled the role of Wolverine admirably and now with the emergence of Marvel Legacy she is thrown into a story full of her fractured family’s past.  A mysterious group known as the Orphans of X have taken Daken, Laura’s sort of brother, and delivered a part of him to her along with a clue only she could follow.  The scent of her original training grounds, the place of her greatest horrors, and the last place she ever wanted to return to.  Laura returns looking for what little semblance of family she has let only to have a reunion that is much more powerful and haunting.

I have been critical of Marvel’s overall path as of late but All New Wolverine has been a bright spot in their line up.  Now with legacy Tom Taylor gets a chance to bring her journey closer to home with the inclusion of Daken and eventually, I would assume, Logan himself.  There is a strong sense of family in this issue whether it is Laura and Gabby, Laura and Daken, or even Laura and the horrific confines of her former prison.  One cannot run from the past and I have a feeling these ‘Orphans of X’ might just have a bit of a grudge against the sharp clawed offspring of the original Wolverine for all the death and carnage they have left in their wake.  Laura remains a deeply conflicted character who has come full circle from violent loaner to X-men and now to provider and protector.

Pencils from Juann Cabal are really solid and the slight costume changes for Laura work really well on the page.  As for costumes, a special note must be made for Gabby’s little old school Wolverine jumpers and how awesome they look.  Probably one of the cutest killers on the planet.  ALL NEW WOLVERINE #25 works.  It works as a great point for new readers to jump in and it works as a selling point for Marvel Legacy as a whole.  I know the soft relaunch has not garnered the attention Marvel wanted but if the books can continue with quality like this then I think increased sales are in their future.  Of all the Marvel Legacy titles to risk your money on this one is a sure bet that will win over all but the most jaded fans.  Definitely check it out!

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