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World's Coolest Review Roundup 2


So many awesome books and so little time.  There have been some great new releases and one particular epic conclusion that have come out over the last few weeks and before new books hit the stands tomorrow we wanted to share our thoughts about some of these titles you might have missed.



Valiant Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan this new number one issue kicks off a whole new direction for the nanite infused super soldier.  Having left Project Rising Spirit behind and taken on the identity of Ray Garrison, Bloodshot has settled down with a woman named Magic and they are raising their child together.  His new love has a rather traumatic past of her own and Bloodshot cannot let the evils that have plagued her go unanswered.  The pencils are fantastic and the set up for the new story is really well done.  This evil hillbilly from Magic’s past looks like he will be a great villain fans will love to hate so if you are at all interested then jump on this book now, its the perfect spot to start.

World's Coolest Review Roundup



Image Comics

Story by Jay Faerber with art by the supremely talented Sumeyye Kesgin this issue finds Amelia on the run in a world she knows little about as she slowly starts to put the puzzle of her abduction together.  This is a great book that not enough people are paying attention to featuring a true hero of modern American mythology.  She is a strong and intriguing character as written on the page and it is fun to see her slowly start to take charge in this alien world.  The art is really great and as a whole it is a stand out science fiction romp with plenty of mystery and cool ties to history.

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Marvel Comics

This is an absolute must read.  Garth Ennis is finally back on Punisher and it is a MAX title full of lovely explicit content.  This is basically a prequel to Punisher: Born and once again finds Frank Castle in Vietnam only this time it is the start of his first tour and he is already making his predilection for war known.  The plot sets up right before the Tet offensive and features Frank’s no holds barred style of warfare and a distinct inability to follow the rules.  It is a gritty book that does not pull any punches and features art to match that tone from Goran Parlov.

World's Coolest Review Roundup 2


Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica

DC Comics/Archie Comics

The cross over we have all been waiting for?  Maybe not but it sure was a fun read.  Written by Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko this mini series finds Ivy and Harley racing to Riverdale to thwart the development of a natural ecosystem by Hiram Lodge.  Their bombastic antics are paralleled by the soap opera drama of the Archie gang as super villains meet teen angst culminating in a pretty funny costume party mix up.  The art from Laura Braga is really solid and mirrors the tongue in cheek humor of the book.  This is a fun and silly title but if you are on the Harley Quinn bandwagon or if you are into the Riverdale TV show you should really check this mini series out and give it a shot.

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Image Comics

Writer Cullen Bunn concludes the first arc of his perfectly creepy book about past lives imprinting on our own and demonic possession with Danny Luckert on art.  Adrian finally looks deep into his own head to find out who or what has been taking over his body only to be terrified by what he finds.  Through facing his own literal demons he thinks he is in the clear only to be taken by a strange group that seems to play a deeper role in the mystery of the cult that has been hinted at on the edge of this story.  This book is so good as well as genuinely creepy and unsettling.  If you have any interest in horror titles or just want to read something that will make your skin crawl pick up this series or wait for the first trade volume that will be out soon collecting these five issues.

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