World’s Coolest Review Round-up

World's Coolest Review Round-up


Tons of great books came out last week but we never seem to be able to get to them all!  This weeks review round-up covers titles from a variety of publishers from the big boys at DC Comics to smaller independent publishers like Aftershock and Black Mask Studios.  There are great comics coming out every week from each of them so remember to try something new after you pick up your subscription books, who knows what you might be missing!



The conclusion to The Oz Effect by Dan Jurgens and Viktor Bogdanovic.  Clark’s final confrontation with Oz looms forth as Superman still questions whether this stranger really is his father Jor-El.  When the staff of Oz is broken it releases whatever hold it had on Jor-El and the father Clark thought he has lost briefly returns to his true self before disappearing in a blue flash.  Was it really Jor-El after all?  Is this blue light yet another hint and the eventual reveal that Dr. Manhattan has been manipulating the DC Universe for years?  I think any answers will have to come from Doomsday Clock which will release in December by acclaimed writer Geoff Johns.  For now know than The Oz Effect was a fantastic story line with really impressive art from Viktor Bogdanovic.

World's Coolest Review Round-up



This title from Aftershock Comics has been an emotional and thoughtful story of family strife, bonding, and sacrifice since issue #1.  With their entire world ripped away and everything they thought they knew revealed to be a lie the Normal’s have taken on the task of awakening others like them… those who are artificial automatons still unaware of their true origin.  In this finale of the first story arc the family comes together against all odds to slip away from the forces that have been hunting them, though it comes at great personal sacrifice.  The issue ends on one hell of a reveal with a monster cliff hanger that hopefully assures the series will return soon.  A strong script from Adam Glass along with solid pencils from Dennis Calero provide for a great family drama comic mixed with conspiracy and science fiction.

World's Coolest Review Round-up 1



Another week and another impressive and thought provoking number one issue from Image Comics.  Sean Lewis pens a tale ripped from the tragic headlines of sex trafficking young girls in Mexico and mixes it with the super natural.  Analina lost her entire family to the Coyotes, large brutish creatures that steal women in the night.  Raised in an orphanage and trained to kill she is set out to avenge her family and strike down those that took everything from her.  The base plot is straight forward but it is wrapped in a fantastically intriguing wrapper of mysticism and folklore.  Are the creatures stilling the girls really monstrous dogs or merely evil men?  Lewis seems content to allow the story to unravel and reveal that to us in time which makes for one hell of a hook as you close the last page of this first issue.  Beautiful art from Caitlin Yarsky completes the presentation of a trilling start to a new series.

World's Coolest Review Round-up 2



The crazy team up of both characters on the page as well as creative talent rolls along in DANGER DOLL SQUAD #2 from Action Labs Danger Zone.  Jason Matrin, Dan Mendoza, and Bryan Seaton send our trio of heroic vixens through a pop culture infused digital reality in a quest to stop the digital take over of Ivan’s black room.  Fighting through weaponized kaiju porn and tie fighter anti virus software the Dolls reach the tower only to face even crazier insurmountable odds.  This book is completely insane but in a fun, crazy, over the top way.  The writing is as fast and frantic as the art and though it not deep or profound at all it will sure as hell make you smile while you read it.  Any Action Labs Danger Zone fans need to be getting this title.

World's Coolest Review Round-up 3

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