Uptown World’s Coolest Comics Is Closed For Business

I know, you didn’t expect to read that heading. Well, we didn’t expect to write it either.

Unfortunately, you read it correctly. Due to untimely current circumstances, Uptown World’s Coolest Comics is closed for business indefinitely. At this time, we do not have any future plans laid out for this store. We will announce any further events related to the closing as we decide on them.

We will refocus our efforts on our flagship store located in the Regal Greenville Grande shopping center, as well as, our exciting upcoming online ventures (stay tuned for more information).

If you are currently a fan of our Uptown store’s Facebook page only, do not be alarmed as we plan to merge the page with our main store’s page. This way all of our followers will continue to stay updated on the latest events and comic news from World’s Coolest Comics and Toys.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers, employees, friends, and the Uptown Greenville community for your continued support of our business.

This decision was agreed upon at a shareholder meeting at the beginning of this week. It was realized that this move was the best thing for World’s Coolest Comics and Toys at this time.

If you are a subscriber at Uptown World’s Coolest Comics and Toys, please be aware of this change of location for picking up your weekly subscriptions.

Any other questions may be directed to Mike or JR.