Two Opinions on Wonder Woman

Two Opinions on Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman. Diana, Amazon Princess of Themyscira. Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic and recognizable characters derived from comics. From the first George Perez comic to the classic Lynda Carter costume change, Wonder Woman has had many incarnations. I must admit that I myself was very hesitant when Gal Gadot was announced to portray the infamous Diana. How could they choose this tiny model to become the ultimate Amazon? But then I saw her in ‘Batman V Superman’ (No, I am not going into that movie right now. I promised my doctor I would keep my blood pressure down.). When she got knocked down by Doomsday, and looked up, and she smiled that smile that said, “This just got interesting.” – she had me. That look alone restored my faith in her ability to be Diana. That look showed me that she had this role and my anticipation for the solo Wonder Woman movie began to flourish.

As a mom that loves the immense world of comics and all things that world encompasses, I love to share that world with my kids. Having 2 daughters, a Wonder Woman movie is an amazing thing for them to see and experience. Our daughters need to see a strong female lead that has priorities of honor and valor and not only see female characters as the pretty girls in comics. I am so elated that I was able to share the experience of going to see Wonder Woman with my two amazing daughters. My girls are polar opposites. I saw both of them looking at that screen with a clear look of wonder. Yes, I see the pun, but I can’t describe that any other way. The wonderment in their eyes gleamed so bright and it definitely pulled on my heart strings to be a witness to that.

I know everyone may not agree with my idea of what this movie meant for me, my family, my stunning daughters, and all the little girls that felt inspired watching Wonder Woman bring peace to a warring nation, and say no to the temptation of evil while standing up for her beliefs.  I absolutely loved Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot played a strong, talented, moral woman who stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves; she was Wonder Woman.

-Sarah Marie

Two Opinions on Wonder Woman 2


DC Comics has endured a rough few years while attempting to establish their own cinematic universe.  The box office has been solid but both fans and critics alike left the screenings of Man of Steel, BvS, and Suicide Squad with mixed emotions at best.  Questionable character motivations, gaping plot holes, and a general dour tone plagued all three films leaving fans wondering if the DCEU could ever catch it’s stride after stumbling out of the gates.  If Wonder Woman is any indication, I think they are finally correcting their course.  

Director Patty Jenkins came into Wonder Woman with only her theatrical movie being the indie darling, Monster, starring Charlize Theron.  Needless to say she has silenced all those in doubt with a stunning movie full of action, humor, and heart.  Wonder Woman begins bright and beautiful, though the color pallet diminishes the closer they get to the front lines, the fun never does.  The movie brilliantly paces, never once feeling like scenes drag on for too long.  The first two acts were flawless with the only falter in the big epic fight that ends the film.  The movie slipped a little too far into the BvS rubble battle. That was the fight against Doomsday, but even with that said, it did not bring down my experience as a whole.

Gal Gadot is flat out amazing in this movie.  So many, including myself, doubted her ability to carry this picture but she absolutely killed it.  She is beautiful, funny, charming, adorable, and kicked ass as a totally believable Wonder Woman.  Chris Pine would have overshadowed a lesser actress with his amazing presence on screen, but that was not the case here. Pine and Gadot shined together with fantastic chemistry and a heartfelt ending.  Wonder Woman is exactly what the DCEU needed and it is every bit as good as people are saying.  Go see it and then make sure you go see it again!

-Geoff Deen

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