Transformers vs Visionaries: IDW Brings Back a Lost Hit From the 80’s

Transformers vs Visionaries: IDW Brings Back a Lost Hit From the 80's


Visionaries is a defunct 1980s toy line that Hasbro is hoping to bring back as part of its plan to create a shared cinematic universe. It was a comic by Jim SalicrupGerry Conway, and Mark Bagley that ran for six issues, but was canceled due to the toy line’s lack of success.

It also got a single season of cartoon from Sunbow in 1987. Unlike other Hasbro/Sunbow collaborations such as G.I. JoeTransformersJem, and Inhumanoids, however, Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light is the only Hasbro cartoon made by Sunbow without the help of Marvel Productions. Sunbow stable superstar writers like Buzz Dixon and Flint Dille wrote the episodes, along with Doug Booth, who did some Sunbow work as well as writing for the bastardized DIC version of G.I. Joe (never forget the third Sunbow season that was stolen from us!!!), He-Man, and The SmurfsVisionaries is about two teams of knights, one good team called the Spectral Knights, and one bad team, natch, called the Darkling Lords. The hook for the toys are holographic animal totems on their chests that grant them special powers. It’s fitting that Visaggio will write the revival of this property, since Kim & Kim would have made an excellent 80s Sunbow cartoon.

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