Image Comics Saga #43: Great Jumping on Point for New Readers!

Saga #43 is a Great Jumping on Point for New Readers!


Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples have been consistently putting out one of the best story-lines in comics the last few years with their sci-fi drama Saga.  Set in a universe of their own creation, this series follows Marko and Alana, two lovers caught on the wrong side of a war that has enveloped the galaxy. The entire series is narrated by their daughter, whose birth we witness in the first issue of the series. There is no indication of what time this narration is coming from.  The story tackles heavy themes including family, war, racism, sexual identity, homosexuality, and abuse. These subjects are well entwined witnin the narrative and never feel preachy like these topics often seem to do.

All of this very real drama is set against a fantastical background involving a mix of science fiction and magic.  Vaughan and Staples allow their imaginations to run wild, filling their universe full of strange creatures and aliens that are familiar yet completely new.  In a world that is completely foreign, the creators manage to make the struggles of the characters feel incredibly human.  Comics of this caliber are rare, and Saga has a rightful place along side such classic runs as Preacher, Sandman, and Y the Last Man.

If you are new to Saga, issue #43 is a great place to jump in and see if it captures you.  This issue is the beginning of a new story arc, and has a non-obtrusive recap of precursor events.  Marko and Alana yet again find themselves on a completely strange world, complete with a talking owl for a local old west sheriff. Despite the sci-fi drama, this issue still manages to focus on very real issues like abortion and discrimination.  Saga is an absolute gem that people will talk about for years to come.  If you stop by World’s Coolest Comics this week, a free copy of Saga #43 will be included with every purchase! Don’t miss this opportunity to check out this seminal series!

Collected volumes are available in softcover as well as two beautiful hardcover omnibus collections.


Saga #43 is a Great Jumping on Point for New Readers! 1 Saga #43 is a Great Jumping on Point for New Readers! 2

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