New to the Store: World’s Coolest Top Picks

New to the Store: World's Coolest Top Picks 2


In an effort to highlight new books from both the major publishers and the independents we have created a new display that will greet customers right when they walk in the door.  This will be a mix of hot titles as well as some smaller books that we think are really worth reading but might not garner as much attention as they should.

This week we have featured All New Wolverine #25 and Avengers #672 to accompany the new Marvel Legacy #1.  We still have a few of the variant lenticular covers left on display so if you were looking for those come down and pick them up before they sell out.

Batman is always a huge hit and thus we have this weeks release of Dark Nights Metal #3 along with last week’s Batman: White Knight.  Metal speaks for itself but White Knight is a truly awesome book written and drawn by Sean Gordon Murphy and it asks the question; What would the city of Gotham do if Batman went too far and it was captured on film? And what if it was Joker himself who brought the charges of police sanctioned brutality?

Rounding out the list is the Walking Dead variant covers for Image Comics releasing in the month of October.  I Hate Fairyland special edition gets top billing as there is nothing more fun that watching a homicidal 8 year old steam roll through the various worlds of Image Comics while bringing her own brand of insanity and violence.

If you are curious about any of these titles just ask and we would be more than happy to share our opinions and any recommendations we might have.



J.R, Sarah, Erin, Laura, & Geoff


New to the Store: World's Coolest Top Picks 1

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