Genres and Categories

New to comic books?

Then start here! There are many different genres and categories in comics. This can be confusing if you are a new reader. This page is dedicated to new readers to help you find what suits your taste.




This is the most popular genre of comics. Typically extraordinary characters with special abilities to protect human kind. Such characters as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, etc. fall into this category. The first comic book to feature a superhero was published in 1938 by Action Comics, and dawned the first appearance of Superman. These characters rain as icons in pop culture, but new, modern characters are born frequently. These characters often dawn caps and masks, as well as, flashy costumes.




Manga is an Asian form of graphic novels. This genre has reached extreme popularity in the United States. Manga is a broad term consisting of many genres aimed at specific readers. Kodomo manga targets young children, Shonen manga targets teenage boys, Shojo manga targets teenage girls, Seinen manga targets young adult males, Seijin targets adult males, Redisu manga targets young adult females, Gekiga manga is targeted towards mature audiences. Manga is translated from Japanese and books read from right to left. These types of comics are typically in series and touch on a variety of subjects.



This genre of comics takes cues from real life issues and is typically read by older teens and adults.



This genre's name says it all! There are many series that offer comic relief and exaggeration!



Some comics are written with an educational or historical purpose.



This genre focuses on fictional tales of other worlds and outer space.



These books are filled with fright, menus, chills, and a big creep factor!

Basic Book Formats

The most familiar form is a comic book, also known as a pamphlet. A comic book can stand on it's own or be a part of a series.

A collection of a series formatted into one book is called a trade paperback.

When a story is printed in soft or hardcover book form originally, it is referred to as a graphic novel.



 Collecting Comics

Most comic books are mass produced and widely available, which leaves them without much value. There are certain eras (typically 1930's - 1940's) that are highly sought after, and other variant and special edition books. There are many guides to collecting comics and to help determine value.

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