More Leaked Information for ‘Mario & Rabbids’ Game

More Leaked Information for 'Mario & Rabbids' Game

Sources at Ubisoft have been dishing out some new information on one of the strangest video game pairings since Mario and Sonic went to the Olympics.  Apparently Ubisoft originally approached Nintendo about the crossover and the game has been in development for the last three years.  Originally developed for the Wii U by Paris and Milan studios of Ubisoft the project has had Nintendo oversight since the beginning.

There are eight characters teaming up in a RPG style game wherein each will have special attacks and abilities.  A 20 hour campaign along with co-op and area battles to round out the final product seems to be the case, all with a healthy dose of meta jokes and wacky rabbid shenanigans.  Details are still slim but gamers can expect to see the game at this years E3 which is right around the corner.

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