Here are the new releases available this week at World’s Coolest!

Here are the new releases available this week at World's Coolest! 9


Here are the new releases available this week at World’s Coolest!

-All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #4
-America #4
-Captain America Steve Rogers #18 (regular Elizabeth Torque and variant Paolo Rivera Mary Jane covers available)
-Daredevil #22
-Doctor Strange #22 (regular Chris Bachalo and variant Francisco Herrera & Fernanda Rizo Mary Jane covers available)
-Iceman #2
-Invincible Iron Man #8 (regular Stefano and variant Marco Checchetto Mary Jane covers available)
-Luke Cage #2
-Man-Thing #5
-Mighty Thor #20 (regular Russell Dauteman and variant Patrick Brown Mary Jane covers available)
-Monsters Unleashed #3
-Nick Fury #3
-Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (regular Adam Kubert variant Sam Spratt Hip Hop, John Tyler Christopher Action Figure, Blank, Mike Deodato Jr, Incentive Zhang Wang, Incentive Movie, Incentive John Cassaday, and Incentive Party Sketch covers available)
-Royals #4
-Secret Empire Brave New World #2
-Secret Empire Underground #1 (regular RB Silva and variant Rafael Albuquerque covers available)
-Silver Surfer #12
-Spider-Man 2099 #24
-Star Wars Darth Maul #4 (regular Rafael Albuquerque, variant Chip Zdarsky, Incentive David Nakayama, Incentive Francesco Francavilla, and Incentive Elsa Charretier covers available)
-Star Wars Darth Vader #2 (regular Jim Cheung and variant Mike Del Mundo covers available)
-Star Wars Poe Dameron Annual #1 (regular Dan Mora and variant Mahumud Asrar covers available)
-US Avengers #7
-Ultimates (Squared) #8
-Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha #1 (regular Skan, variant Pasqual Ferry, and Ron Lim covers available)
-X-Men Gold #6

-All-Star Batman #11 (regular Rafael Albuquerque, variant Rafael Albuquerque, and Sebastian Fiumara covers available)
-Aquaman #25 (regular Stjepan Sejic and variant Joshua Middleton covers available)
-Batman #24 2nd Printing
-Batman #25 (regular Mikel Janin and variant Tim Sale covers available)
-Batwoman #4 (regular Steve Epting and variant Michael Cho covers available)
-Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #9 (regular Avon Oeming and variant Michael Cho covers available)
-DC Comics Bombshells #29
-Green Arrow #25 (regular Otto Schmidt and variant Mike Grell covers available)
-Green Lanterns #25 (regular Mike McKone and variant Brandon Peterson covers available)
-Harley Quinn #22 (regular Amanda Conner and variant Frank Cho covers available)
-Injustice 2 #4
-Justice League #23 (regular Paul Pelletier & Tony Kordos and variant Nick Bradshaw covers available)
-Lobo Road Runner Special #1 (regular Kelley Jones and variant Bill Morrison covers available)
-Nightwing #23 (regular Paul Renaud and variant Casey Jones covers available)
-Odyssey of the Amazons #6
-Super Sons #5 (regular Jorge Jimenez and variant Dustin Nguyen covers available)
-Superman #25 (regular Ryan Sook and variant Jorge Jimenez covers available)
-Teen Titans Go #22
-Trinity #10 (regular Francis Manapul and variant Bill Sienkiewicz covers available)
-Wild Storm #5 (regular Jon Davis-Hunt, variant Jim Lee & Scott Williams, and Declan Shalvey covers available)
-Wonder Woman Tasmanian Devil Special #1 (regular Jim Lee and variant Byron Vaughns covers available)

-Aliens Defiance #12
-Black Hammer #10
-Call of Duty Zombies #5
-Dept H #15
-Shaolin Cowboy Who’ll Stop The Reign #3 (regular Geof Darrow and variant Sergio Aragones covers available)

-Charmed #4
-Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys The Big Lie #4
-Red Sonja #6 (regular Mike McKone, variant Ben Caldwell, Carlos Gomez, Cosplay, and Mel Rubi covers available)
-Swordquest #1 (regular Goni Montes, variant Mel Rubi, and George Perez covers available)
-Z Nation #3

-GI Joe #6
-Highlander American Dream #5 (regular Nick Percival and Claudia Gironi Subscription covers available)
-My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #55
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11 (regular Freddie Williams II, variant Aaron Conley Subscription, and Incentive Yacine Elghorri covers available)

-Black Monday Murders #6
-Crosswind #1 (regular Cat Staggs, variant Pride Month, and Incentive Retailer Appreciation covers available)
-Few #6
-God Country #6 (regular Geoff Shaw and variant Gerardo Zaffino covers available)
-Grrl Scouts Magic Socks #1 2nd Printing
-Grrl Scouts Magic Socks #2 (regular Jim Mahfood, variant Bill Sienkiewicz, and Jim Mahfood Pride Month covers available)
-Horizon #12
-I Hate Fairyland #13 (regular Skottie Young and variant F**k Fairyland covers available)
-Invincible #137
-Old Guard #5 (regular Leandro Fernandez and variant Leandro Fernandez covers available)
-Plastic #3 (regular Andrew Robinson and variant Daniel Hillyard covers available)
-Redneck #1 3rd Printing
-Redneck #2 2nd Printing
-Royal City #4
-Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1 (regular Andrew Robinson, variant Tom Fowler, and variant Andy Suriano covers available)

-September Mourning #1

-Normals #2

-All New Soulfire #4 (regular Giuseppe Cafaro, variant Marco Lorenzana, Martin Abel, and Randy Green covers available)
-Bubblegun #2 (regular Angel Tovar and variant Alex Konat covers available)

-Deep #6
-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #16 (regular Jamal Campbell and variant Haskell Mackowski Action Figure covers available)

-Spencer & Locke #3 (regular Jorge Santiago Jr and variant Maan House covers available)
-Vampblade Season Two #4 (regular Winston Young, variant Winston Young R, Bill McKay, Bill McKay Artist R, Renzo Rodriguez, and Renzo Rodriguez 90’s R covers available)

-Little Guardians #3

-Tank Girl World War Tank Girl #3 (regular Brett Parson, variant Chris Wyall, and Andrew Robinson covers available)

-Britannia We Who Are About To Die #3 (regular David Mack and variant Juan Jose Ryp covers available)
-Rapture #2

-Colossi #3

-Courier From the Ashes #3 (variant Robert Atkins and Mike Krome covers available)
-Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Red Human Agent Order #8 (regular Sean Chen, variant Netho Diaz, Alfredo Reyes, and Renato Rei covers available)

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