First Look: The Children Of The Justice League

First Look: The Children Of The Justice League 1

This week’s issue of Justice League, by Bryan Hitch, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert and Brad Anderson, introduces a new possible future into the DC Universe in the first issue of the series’ “Legacy” arc. But rather than older versions of the Leaguers, this future features the kids of the Justice League going up against a post-apocalyptic menace.

The bulk of the issue takes place twenty years from now after the Earth has been ravaged by the villain Sovereign and most of the Justice League are nowhere to be found. The only people left to save the world are what seems to be the children of the League who are on the backfoot in the fight against Sovereign and scrambling to do anything they can to stay in the fight for one more day. While the issue doesn’t delve too much into who these characters are outside of their iconography, there are definite links to the current roster of the Justice League.


First Look: The Children Of The Justice League

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