First Look: Avengers ‘No Surrender’ Weekly Story

First Look: Avengers 'No Surrender' Weekly Story


Marvel has confirmed the details of its impending “Avengers: No Surrender” weekly story that launches in January 2018’s Avengers #675, and runs for 16 issues, through April 2018’s Avengers #690. The series will be written jointly by Avengers scribe Mark Waid, U.S.Avengers writer Al Ewing, and Uncanny Avengers writer Jim Zub, and will feature the line-ups of all three teams coming together under the banner of the core Avengers title.

“The Earth has been stolen! That’s the kickoff to the wildest Avengers epic ever put to paper, a widescreen adventure with a massive cast and an unlimited budget,” said Marvel SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in a statement. “Avengers past and present will be called upon to cope with a threat spanning out of the pages of Marvel Legacy #1. And like that oversized special, there’s a huge character return or two along the way that fans have been asking for—and one that they didn’t even know they wanted!”

Artist Pepe Larazz will draw the first month of “No Surrender,” followed by Kim Jacinto on month two, and Paco Diaz on month three. The artists for the April 2018 issues was not named in Marvel’s announcement.

The story will also feature the mysterious character Voyager, who was seen alongside the Avengers founders in Marvel Legacy #1, and in promo-art for “No Surrender” released with Marvel’s FOOM #1 magazine.

Marvel’s statement called “No Surrender” the “end of an era” for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and “the team’s final days.”

If you are interested in this new series from Marvel Comic please be sure to add Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, and U.S. Avengers to your pull list starting with Avengers #675!


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